offering assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, medications, meals and activities


Levels Of Service and Rates

San Carlos Elms offers a range of services, which we tailor to help residents with their daily lives. We offer assistance with bathing, dressing and grooming, help with medications, and escorting to meals and activities if needed. All residents are evaluated before they move into San Carlos Elms. This evaluation determines the type of assistance, if any, that is required and the level of service fee. The fees are added to the monthly apartment and rental fee. The level of service and monthly charges are as follows:

Levels of Care

Level 1: Medication 2: Light 3: Moderate 4: Heavy 5: Specialized 6: Premium and up
Rate $390 $770 $1,285 $1,820 $2,455 $3,105+

An additional charge of $1,050 is assessed for a second-person occupancy to cover meals, housekeeping, and social programs. Under our Personalized Care Program, assisted living services are tailored to each resident's needs are charged accordingly. A limited number of below market rate apartments are available.